With field leading expertise and access to unprecedented capital, MedMen is fundamentally changing the way cannabis businesses are capitalized, built and managed. We strive to deliver higher, more consistent returns to our partners and business owners.

MedMen is based in Los Angeles, and has operations and business interests across North America. The Firm is made up of two divisions; MedMen Management and MedMen Capital.

MedMen Management offers turnkey management services to cannabis license holders in the areas of cultivation, extraction, production and retail operations. We employ institutional best practices from analogous industries, and our professional staff has decades of combined experience.

MedMen Capital is one of the leading investment companies in the cannabis space. We seek to create long-term value by combining our operational expertise with unique investment opportunities. MedMen Management is the captive operating partner of MedMen Capital, vetting projects and ensuring successful execution.

Legal cannabis will grow to more than $22 billion in sales by 2020.

That’s bigger than the coffee industry.

The Visionaries


Adam Bierman is co-founder and chief executive officer of MedMen.

  • One of the leading voices in the burgeoning cannabis industry.
  • At the forefront of capital formation and investment, helping raise millions for cannabis ventures.
  • Co-chair of the National Cannabis Industry Association's Policy Council.
  • Featured on CNBC, Bloomberg News, New York Times, Time Magazine, Fortune and others.
Andrew Modlin

Andrew Modlin is co-founder and chief operating officer of MedMen.

  • The creative force behind MedMen’s vision.
  • Years of experience in designing spaces and managing cannabis operations.
  • Has developed groundbreaking cultivation and production techniques.
  • Pixel-perfect attention to detail.
Chris Ganan

Chris Ganan is chief strategy officer 
for MedMen.

  • Charts MedMen’s path to growth and investment strategy.
  • Vast experience in business operations, private equity, investment banking and real estate.
  • Instrumental in MedMen’s capital formation activities.
  • Responsible for over $1 billion of total capitalization in various industries.