Mainstreaming Marijuana.


Challenge everything. Settle only for what ought to be, not what is.
Be state-of-the-art and best-in-class, utilizing institutional systems.
Define the next generation of marijuana businesses and consumers.



We started MedMen with a simple vision; cannabis as a consumer product. It is a simple idea with profound consequences for how marijuana is cultivated, produced and marketed. Quality standards matter, best practices matter, brand reputation matters. We believe it is fundamental to building our industry.

When we started MedMen in 2010, two years before Colorado became the first state to legalize recreational marijuana, we were pioneers. Today eight states allow adult use, and 28 states and Canada allow medical use. Two thirds of Americans live in states with some access to legal marijuana and the momentum continues to grow both at federal and state levels to end Prohibition.

As the cannabis industry transitions from its legacy era of homegrown enterprises to an institutional phase of professional standards and practices, we are proud to be leading the way.

It is estimated that 66 percent of Americans currently have access to medical marijuana. Nearly a quarter have access to recreational marijuana.