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How to Join 

  • To become a MedMen patient, you will need the following:
    • Valid California driver's license or identification card.
      • Other forms of government ID (passport, out-of-state ID) can be accepted if provided with a document that establishes California residency, such as a residential lease (6 months or longer), vehicle registration, or utility bill. If you have questions, please contact your nearest MedMen location.
    • Valid doctor-issued medical marijuana recommendation.

On-Site Policies

  • Use of medical marijuana shall be limited to the patient identified on the doctor’s recommendation. Secondary sale, barter, or distribution of medical marijuana is a crime and can lead to arrest.
  • Patrons are not allowed to consume marijuana or marijuana-infused products on site or its vicinities, such as parking lots. Collective staff shall monitor to ensure compliance.
  • Forgery of medical documents is a felony crime.
  • Entry to the premises by persons under the age of 18 is prohibited unless they are a qualified patient accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Phone Orders

  • Want to skip the wait? Place your order by phone and pick it from any staff member when you arrive. Call your preferred MedMen location and listen to the menu options to be connected with a MedMen representative.

    Please note that we do not provide delivery service or mail order service, and we can only process orders for in-house pickup.


  • Can I refer a friend?
    • Yes! If you are a returning patient and accompanying a friend on a first visit, you will receive a referral gift.
  • What is your return policy?
    • For health and safety reasons, we are unable to accept returns on merchandise. However, we want you to be satisfied with your purchase.

    • If you have questions, concerns, or other feedback on a purchase you made, please ask to speak with a MedMen store manager.
  • How can I get a medical marijuana recommendation?
    • If you feel that medical marijuana may be right for you, contact your doctor.
  • What products do you carry?
    • Please click HERE to view our full menu.
  • What is Prop. 64?
    • Proposition 64, also known as the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA), is a state ballot initiative that California voters passed in November 2016 legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. The initiative decriminalized marijuana possession, making it legal for those 21 and older to “possess, transport, purchase, consume and share up to one ounce of marijuana and eight grams of concentrated marijuana and grow up to six plants in their homes."
  • Can non-patients purchase marijuana at MedMen now that Prop 64. passed?
    • No. Even though Prop. 64 is now law, no one will be allowed to sell recreational marijuana until the state and municipalities issue licenses to operate. State licenses will not be available until at least January 2018. Municipalities will have their own timelines. The City of LA and the City of West Hollywood have not yet passed any local ordinances to allow businesses or medical marijuana collectives to dispense recreational marijuana.

    • While individuals are allowed to consume recreational marijuana under Prop. 64, it does not mean businesses or medical marijuana collectives can start selling to non-patients. Until local and state licensing for recreational marijuana becomes available, MedMen shall ONLY sell to people who:
    1. Are members of the collective;
    2. Have a valid physician recommendation OR a valid California Department of Health issued medical marijuana ID card;
    3. Are residents of CA; and
    4. Have valid ID.
  • How did the passage of Prop. 64 impact the Medical Cannabis Regulatory Safety Act (MCRSA)?
    • The passage of Prop. 64 has no bearing on MCRSA, which established a licensing structure for medical marijuana businesses at the state level. Currently, medical marijuana programs are licensed by municipalities .On September 11, 2015, the California Legislature passed the Medical Cannabis Regulatory Safety Act, which was comprised of three legislative bills; AB 243, AB 266, and SB 643. MCRSA will be rolled out January 2018.