1. 01/24/2018

    MedMen announces it is going public in the Canadian Securities Exchange

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  2. 01/31/2018

    Seed to Sale: This is the future of pot production

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  3. 01/2/2018

    Recreational marijuana sales bring long lines to a West Hollywood dispensary

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  4. 01/3/2018

    Californians line up at sleek, new weed dispensaries

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  5. 01/2/2018

    Recreational Marijuana Use Is Now Legal in California. Here Come the Ads

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  6. 12/31/2017

    CA to Legalize Recreational Pot—It’s Makeover Time for Dispensaries

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  7. 12/5/2017

    NPR Station Spotlights MedMen

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  8. 10/27/2017

    Bloomberg Highlights MedMen's Investment Activities

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  9. 8/8/2017

    CNBC's Marcus Lemonis Takes Deep Dive Into Cannabis Industry

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  10. 6/9/2017

    MedMen Part of Historic MedReleaf IPO in Canada

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  11. 5/26/2017

    US News & World Report Shines the Light on Cannabis Industry

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  12. 5/26/2017

    Forbes Says MedMen Among Financial Leaders in the Cannabis Industry

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  13. 4/28/2017

    Former Wall Street Executive Shares Why He Joined MedMen

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  14. 4/11/2017

    MedMen Featured in Variety Magazine's Special Cannabis Spotlight

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  15. 3/29/2017

    Forbes Coverage of the Inaugural Institutional Capital & Cannabis Conference

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  16. 3/27/2017

    MedMen Featured in AdWeek's Marketing Innovation Section

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  17. 2/2/2017

    Coverage of MedMen's New York Acquisition

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  18. 1/16/2017

    Los Angeles Times Shines Spotlight on MedMen's Retail Concept

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  19. 11/18/2016

    MedMen Featured in USA Today

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  20. 11/4/2016

    CEO Adam Bierman on Bloomberg TV and TheStreet

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