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A Message from Co-Founder and CEO Adam Bierman


February 13, 2019

Our Company, my business partner and Co-Founder Andrew Modlin and I have been confronted by ugly allegations made in a wrongful termination lawsuit filed by a disgruntled ex-employee. We have publicly denied the claims and as our attorneys prepare to vindicate us in court, I wanted to take this opportunity to set the record straight.

Andrew and I take the false allegations personally. They were malicious and designed to get attention for what is a meritless lawsuit. Those familiar with MedMen, including the more than 1,100 proud employees who work tirelessly building our company and this industry, know those allegations fly in the face of our core values and the facts.

Here are the facts:

  • MedMen has one of the most diverse workforces of any company, not just in cannabis, but in the U.S. As of October 2018, our workforce composition was 58 percent minorities.

  • MedMen’s Board of Directors is more diverse across professional backgrounds, gender and ethnicity than most public companies in the country. In fact, more than half of the Board is comprised of individuals who identify as either women, minority, or LGBTQIA.

  • While women hold approximately 21 percent of leadership roles in traditional businesses in the U.S., and 27 percent of leadership roles in the cannabis industry, women held 29 percent of MedMen’s leadership roles as of October 2018.

  • MedMen provides extensive on-boarding orientation for new hires as well as comprehensive harassment and sensitivity training. The Company has a 24/7 hotline hosted by a third-party vendor that allows employees to report concerns.

  • MedMen is the largest cannabis company to partner with organized labor in North America. We have collective bargaining agreements with the United Food and Commercial Workers Union in California and New York. We pay higher than minimum wage; nearly $3 above minimum wage in California and New York and offer fully paid health benefits to all eligible employees, including those who work part-time.

  • All MedMen employees participate in a stock incentive program, the Letterman Program, whereby the company grants stock options to every employee.

  • In San Francisco, MedMen partnered with Malcolm Joshua Weitz as part of the city’s Equity Program to open and operate MedMen dispensaries in the city. Mr. Weitz will be a significant equity owner and the salaried ceo of these dispensaries. Mr. Weitz’s compelling life story was recently profiled in a Viceland documentary series.

  • In Boston, MedMen has also committed $1 million and a percentage of its Boston revenues to kickstart the GreenSoul Community Development Foundation, a new nonprofit that will focus on workforce development and economic empowerment for the disenfranchised in the Boston area. The foundation’s president is Richard Harding.

  • Last year, MedMen partnered with the Greater Boston Legal Services and 25 other organizations and employers to provide a free criminal record sealing clinic and cannabis industry job fair. Attendees received free legal services to help seal prior marijuana-related convictions and access to more than 160 available industry jobs.

  • Last year, MedMen partnered with Drug Policy Alliance to create the largest record expungement clinic in Los Angeles County history, servicing over 830 people with reclassifications, expungements, and social and health services support for their families.

  • MedMen supports a number of other non-profits and social causes. Here are a few examples: Downtown Women’s Center in LA, The Alliance for Housing and Healing in West Hollywood, Meals on Wheels chapters in Culver City and Santa Monica, Project Angel Food in West Hollywood, Van Ness Recovery House, Rogue Artists Ensemble, The Foundation for the AIDS Monument and PRIDE parades across the country.

MedMen is focused on creating a cannabis experience that is inclusive of and accessible to everyone. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of business and social responsibility. Corporate governance and best practices in policies and procedures are the foundation of MedMen’s health, and they have never been stronger nor the company healthier.

We will not be distracted from our mission and we thank you for your support.


Adam Bierman

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