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MedMen & United Food and Commercial Workers Union Expand Partnership to Benefit Employees and Communities in California and New York


February 15, 2019

MedMen has agreed to United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) representation at all retail locations in both California and New York and all factories in New York. This is the latest milestone in a growing partnership that began between MedMen and UFCW Local 770 in Los Angeles last year.

“MedMen understands the advantages and skills that unions provide represented employees, and the important role they play in our communities. That’s why we initially partnered with UFCW in Los Angeles, and why we are expanding this partnership today,” said Daniel Yi, MedMen’s Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications. “We look forward to working with UFCW in both California and New York as we continue to grow.”

Benefits under the new partnership include higher than minimum wage pay (nearly $3 above minimum wage in California and New York), two-weeks of vacation, a 40 percent employee discount, 10 recognized holidays off, and time-and-a-half pay for anyone working on a holiday. MedMen guarantees 40 hours of work for full-time staff members and 20 hours for part-time. The Company also provides fully paid benefits for eligible employees, including those who work part-time.

Additionally, MedMen has implemented a bonus incentive program based on a team approach – if a store hits its individual sales goal for the month, every member of the team receives a percentage of their earnings as a bonus.

Since 2010, UFCW has represented cannabis workers throughout the country from cultivation and manufacturing to processing, testing, and retail sales. Their vision of creating a sustainable and well regulated industry closely aligns with MedMen’s own core values that center around building safer, healthier, and happier communities.

In addition to cannabis, UFCW also organizes around other major industries, including grocery and retail. Its 1.3 million members nationwide are entitled to benefits related to healthcare, wellness, retirement, and education.

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