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MedMen’s Board of Directors Joins the National Association of Corporate Directors


February 27, 2019

Demonstrating its commitment to corporate governance and boardroom leadership, the board of MedMen Enterprises announced this week that it is now a full board member of the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD).

NACD is the premiere organization trusted by the investor community that elevates boards by providing resources, services, and educational events to help members increase strategic awareness and integrate education into the boardroom. As the recognized authority on boardroom professionalism, NACD will be an invaluable tool for the newly formed board of MedMen, providing real time information on emerging issues and strategic opportunities while continuing to build long term shareholder value.

“The National Association of Corporate Directors is an outstanding organization that provides top-notch programming, information, insights and training to the board governance community,” says MedMen board member Stacey Hallerman, who recently wrote about why she decided to join the Company. "Through the NACD, the board of MedMen can stay in the know on key governance topics and developments in real time and have access to a body of resources that will help us continue to build a best in class board.”

The cannabis retailer is joining more than 19,000 directors from Fortune 500 corporations, private entities, and nonprofits as a new member of the NACD, giving it an opportunity to draw on the experience of other businesses and a greater ability to assess potential risks that could impact its future.

“By joining NACD, MedMen is poised to enhance the skills of its directors and to prepare the boardroom for future challenges,” said Peter Gleason, president and CEO of NACD. “NACD is privileged to serve as MedMen’s source for leading governance practices.”

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