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Red Jacket Program Sets Internal Culture for New MedMen Employees


February 18, 2019

MedMen’s new onboarding initiative – The Red Jacket Program – instantly lets new employees know that a career at MedMen is not just another job. It’s a lifestyle. The Company’s mission is to provide an unparalleled experience for those discovering the benefits of cannabis, so it’s only fitting that the onboarding experience be exceptional as well.

Launched in February, the bi-weekly program teaches new team members about the culture, business, and people behind the MedMen brand. But unlike most new-hire orientations, the Red Jacket Program isn’t simply a morning meeting, but an entire three-day event. Day one focuses on MedMen culture, day two delves into the cannabis industry and how the business works, while day three is all about the retail experience.

“We are inviting people to be a part of history,” says Bobby Simmons, MedMen’s Training and Onboarding Coordinator, who is managing the new program with assistance from HR Coordinator Melody Gevorgian. “We aren't just a company in the business of slinging weed. We are revolutionizing an entire industry and playing a vital role in making cannabis the new normal.”

One unique aspect of the program is a presentation given by the head of nearly every department on the second day, designed to illustrate how each individual team supports the business. This provides an opportunity for new employees to get a welcome from every side of the company, highlighting one of the Company’s core values: Promote Collaboration.

The program also stands out because of the incorporation of the MedMen retail experience. While retail employees end their orientation after day two, new members of the corporate office spend the third day shadowing sales associates at a retail location to learn first-hand how the business works. While on the sales floor, corporate team members get the opportunity to meet associates and customers in order to understand what makes the MedMen experience so unique.

“The core of what we do is retail, so it is paramount that every team member understands what sets the MedMen experience apart and how important the stores are to our business,” Simmons says.

Whether an employee’s orientation wraps on day two or three, each employee’s onboarding experience ends with the Red Jacket Ceremony. The closing celebration finds the newest members of the team running through a tunnel of applause and high fives as they make their way to the front and are awarded their MedMen jacket.

“When folks take that celebratory walk down the line and receive their red jacket at the culmination of that three-day journey, they are being received into an elite group of educators, business leaders, engineers, scientists, and artists,” Simmons says.  “They're not part of an organization, they're part of a movement.”

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