Safe, High-Quality Medical Cannabis

LuxLyte’s medical cannabis is manufactured using industry leading cultivation, extraction and production techniques.

Our expert agronomists have decades of combined experience working in high-tech, controlled environment cultivation. We employ Integrated Pest Management systems to ensure minimum use of pesticides. That means consistent, safe and high-quality cannabis that serve as the basis for all LuxLyte products.

With high-quality cannabis as the basis, we use the latest in compound extraction technology in sterile environments to extract pure, contaminant free cannabinoids. Our products are lab tested for safety and consistent quality.


Cannabinoids are naturally occurring chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. The two most notable cannabinoids, THC and CBD, are believed to alleviate pain and suffering from serious diseases.

High CBD products are most commonly suggested for use when treating neuropathic pain, inflammation, seizures, epilepsy and muscle spasm, among other conditions. CBD also is believed to have less cognitive side effects than THC and is more commonly recommended for daytime use. High THC products are most commonly suggested for use when treating severe pain, nausea, appetite stimulation and insomnia, among other things.

Generally speaking, higher THC formulations have higher cognitive side effects. Always exercise caution when taking any medical cannabis products.

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