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Our Story

We started MedMen with a simple vision; cannabis as a consumer product. It is a simple idea with profound consequences for how marijuana is cultivated, produced and marketed. Quality standards matter, best practices matter, brand reputation matters. Today, MedMen is the most dominant cannabis enterprise in the emerging legal marijuana industry.

The Team

Our professionals are retail experts, marketing experts, financing experts, regulatory affairs experts, agricultural and operations experts… and yes cannabis experts. What distinguishes our team is that we are hyper-focused on running a successful business that serves consumers and communities.

Adam Bierman

Co-Founder & CEO

Adam Bierman is the leading voice of the burgeoning, state-sanctioned cannabis industry in the U.S., and represents its new institutional phase of professional standards, evolving regulations and vast commercial potential. Mr. Bierman’s revolutionary views have been featured on news outlets like CNBC, Bloomberg News, Forbes, Time Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, U.S. News & World Report, among others.

Mr. Bierman and Andrew Modlin began MedMen nearly a decade ago, first as medical marijuana dispensary operators. The endeavor eventually led to the most dominant cannabis company in the country with operations and hundreds of millions of dollars in assets deployed in the most important markets in North America.

He is a champion of sensible, clear and just drug laws that strengthen communities and create business opportunities. MedMen is the single largest financial supporter of progressive marijuana laws at local, state and federal levels.

Andrew Modlin

Co-Founder & President

Andrew Modlin is the main architect behind MedMen's unique brand and its mainstreaming marijuana message. An artist by training, Mr. Modlin’s vision informs MedMen's industry defining retail concept. He is the recipient of the 2017 "Emerging Leaders Award" by the American Marketing Association. Mr. Modlin is also credited with several innovations in cannabis cultivation and manufacturing, and oversees MedMen’s operational aspects.

Mr. Modlin and Adam Bierman began MedMen nearly a decade ago, first as medical marijuana dispensary operators. The endeavor eventually led to the most dominant cannabis company in the country with operations and hundreds of millions of dollars in assets deployed in the most important markets in North America.

He is a champion of sensible, clear and just drug laws that strengthen communities and create business opportunities. MedMen is the single largest financial supporter of progressive marijuana laws at local, state and federal levels.

James Parker

Chief Financial Officer

James Parker is a seasoned executive with extensive, high level experience in strategic overhaul, business planning and forecasting. He has held senior level positions in consulting, investment and banking. Prior to joining MedMen, Mr. Parker provided interim executive management services to Alvarez & Marsal and was a private equity professional with Leonid Capital. His experience includes operational restructuring and performance optimization across multiple industries, including manufacturing, technology, commercial services, aerospace, and defense.

Chris Ganan

Chief Strategy Officer

Chris Ganan brings vast institutional experience in business operations, private equity, investment banking, real estate and FinTech. Mr. Ganan was instrumental in MedMen's capital formation and guides MedMen's investment strategy, ensuring MedMen continues to grow its footprint in North America’s most strategic cannabis markets. Previously, Mr. Ganan was managing member of Cratus Equity, a private investment firm. He has also worked for Alvarez & Marsal, CohnReznick, and Investments Limited.

Morgan Sokol

Vice President of Government Affairs

Morgan Sokol manages MedMen's outreach and relationships with government entities, trade organizations and communities in support of the enterprise's mission and the long-term viability of the cannabis industry. Prior to joining MedMen, Ms. Sokol was a grants and quality assurance manager for the Los Angeles Family Housing Corporation, and also worked at the Los Angeles Unified School District, the Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations, Teach for America and the American Civil Liberties Union.

Dyanne Parnel

Vice President of Quality Assurance

Dyanne Parnel oversees MedMen’s quality assurance system that is focused on product safety, consumer satisfaction, biosecurity compliance and promoting continuous improvement. MedMen champions a proactive quality assurance approach. Previously, Ms. Parnel was a corporate QA manager at Ocean Spray. She ensured food and beverage safety at the company’s U.S. and international manufacturing facilities, including agricultural quality, sanitary design standards, supplement creation and auditing and facility chemical sanitation.

B.J. Carretta

Chief Marketing Officer

B.J. Carretta is a seasoned marketing executive with extensive experience managing brand strategies, digital media, communications and partnerships for brands like Fender and NBC Sports. Mr. Carretta is charged with developing and executing MedMen’s consumer and brand marketing strategies as the leading consumer brand in the emerging cannabis space.

Ada Lee

Executive Vice President

Ada Lee oversees MedMen’s internal administration. She manages the company’s corporate office and supports top leadership on special projects with planning and execution. She is charged with creating and implementing procedures that improve and standardize MedMen’s corporate operations. Ms. Lee brings years of experience from the fast-paced, client-driven world of advertising and marketing where she worked with brands like Lexus, Human Rights Campaign and McDonald’s and oversaw the successful launch of several campaigns.

Barry Fischetto

Senior Vice President of Operations

Barry Fischetto oversees MedMen’s retail, cultivation and manufacturing operations, focusing on process reliability and innovation. Prior to joining MedMen, Mr. Fischetto served as senior vice president of operations for coffee grower and distributor Farmer Brothers and as chief operations officer at SK Food Group, a manufacturer and wholesaler of food products to brands like Starbucks, Jamba Juice and Costco.

Sara Connolly

Vice President of Production and Commercialization

Sara Connolly translates MedMen’s strategic vision into action, including the development and monitoring of key performance indicators to ensure high performance across the enterprise. Ms. Connolly brings extensive operational expertise from several industries and disciplines to MedMen’s complex operations. She is an expert on data analysis and creative solutions to operational challenges.

Jim Carmack

Managing Director of Development

Jim Carmack is a veteran financial services executive with more than three decades of experience in Wall Street. He heads MedMen’s investor relations and strategic planning. Prior to joining MedMen, Mr. Carmack was managing director and head of equity sales and trading at Imperial Capital, a global investment banking services company. He also held leadership positions at New York-based global banking and investment firm Jefferies & Company.

Erin Shoji

Vice President of Human Resources

Erin Shoji is instrumental in executing MedMen’s aggressive talent acquisition strategy. Ms. Shoji oversees performance management, benefits, payroll, and ensures the entire enterprise is staffed by motivated and talented professionals who are trained and equipped to execute MedMen’s plan. Before joining MedMen, Ms. Shoji built a successful track record of establishing and leading HR processes and procedures at fast moving startups, including technology innovator Grindr.

Dan Edwards

Vice President of Legal Affairs

Dan Edwards manages MedMen’s legal and compliance teams, ensuring operations strictly adhere to applicable laws and regulations. His experience spans a wide array of practice areas including corporate law, mergers & acquisitions, intellectual property, commercial real estate, and cannabis compliance. To date, Mr. Edwards has successfully structured over $100 million of cannabis-related transactions. Prior to joining MedMen, Mr. Edwards worked at Potente APLC, a business law firm in San Diego where he developed and managed the firm's first cannabis division.

Daniel Yi

Vice President of Corporate Communications

Daniel Yi is a seasoned communications executive with extensive experience, including management roles at Southern California Edison and the Port of Long Beach. He was also a staff writer and editor at the Los Angeles Times. He is responsible for articulating MedMen's broader narrative and serves as the company’s official spokesperson to the news media.

Kellen O’Keefe

Senior Vice President of Business Development

Kellen O'Keefe brings extensive knowledge of the cannabis industry, strategic partnerships and brand building to lead business development initiatives for MedMen. Prior to joining MedMen, Mr. O'Keefe was a media executive and co-creator of Oakley's groundbreaking experiential marketing program Learn to Ride. He also has built and managed custom brand campaigns for Anheuser-Busch, Chipotle, Crown Imports, T-Mobile, Starbucks and Virgin.

Jocelyn Pettway

Director of Design

Jocelyn Pettway heads MedMen’s award winning facilities design and construction management team that includes architects, master draftsmen, interior designers and project managers. The team has executed cultivation, manufacturing and retail projects around the U.S., and MedMen’s 12,000-square- foot headquarters in Los Angeles. Ms. Pettway has a background in theatrical set design and brings her unique perspective to how people interact with space, much like characters on stage.

Zeeshan Hyder

Vice President of Corporate Development

Zeeshan Hyder brings nearly a decade of experience analyzing and evaluating investment opportunities for large institutions. He was formerly an investment banker at Citigroup where he advised on M&A transactions across the mining, healthcare and consumer industries. Mr. Hyder was also an investment analyst at The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation's $2 billion investment fund. Most recently Mr. Hyder was a vice president at First Beverage Ventures, a private equity firm focused on emerging food and beverage brands.


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An Iconic Home

MedMen is headquartered in Culver City, California, in a 12,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art office complex that was designed and executed by MedMen’s own facilities team, showcasing the company’s design and construction capabilities.


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