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US News & World Report Shines the Light on Cannabis Industry

"MedMen embodies the promise of the legal cannabis business in California, where there's a new gold rush to capitalize on a potential...

Forbes Says MedMen Among Financial Leaders in the Cannabis Industry

"For many new investors that want to get into the space, it's best to find a company that specializes in this sector. There are many private...

Former Wall Street Executive Shares Why He Joined MedMen

MedMen Co-Chairman and Partner Chris Leavy shares with CNBC why he decided to join the firm after two decades in Wall Street where he became one...


Renowned Los Angeles Chef Neal Frazer recently prepared a very unique dinner for MedMen fund investors and their guests. The evening featured pairings of sumptous dishes and cannabis. In this trailer video, Chef Frazer and MedMen's Product Procurement Manager Josh Shlenker give a preview of the menu.

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MedMen supports sensible, clear and just drug laws. We have partnered with the Marijuana Policy Project, the nation’s foremost cannabis advocacy group, to launch Pledge 4 Growth.

The mainstreaming of the cannabis industry is not about a superficial makeover;
it is about fundamentally changing the way we operate.